Stories about living and life experiences put to the sounds of Americana Music - a mixture of Country, Blues, Folk and Rock.

Musician & Songwriter


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The Story Begins

The Corner Cafe
Wandering With You
Hole In The Boat
House Full of Nothing
I Still Miss Her
Friendly Strangers
A Love That Never Ends (Melva's Song)
Give Me a Chance
Cold In Here
Higher Cause

Down at the Cafe

If You Get Lonely
Making Conversation
I Got You
Gonna Be Sorry
Out There
What She DIdn't Say
In The Name of Love
Begin Again With You
Do You Hear Yourself
It Breaks My Heart
Walk In My Shoes
Hold Steady (Show Your American Pride)


Every Picture Tells A Story
I Know She Loved Him
A Place To Sleep Tonight
The Dark Side of the American Dream
City Streets
The Train Song
You're Every Thing But Gone
A Cowboy's Life
Defenders of Freedom
Outlaw on the Run
Stop Falling In Love
Can You Picture This
Will You Marry Me
(Hey, Hey, Hey) I Love You
That's Not What I Meant
Wandering Heart
Every Time You Walk By
Finally Free
A Few Things That I Know
Airplane Dollars
Perfect Day
If I Was A Millionaire
More Than Words Upon A Stone
Every Time You Cry

Wooden Robots

It Might Be Love
Some Kind of Fool
When You Hear Someone Crying
You Can Count On Me
Almost Losing You
Say What You Mean (Mean What You Say)
Falling Upside Down
Falling Again
Think of Me
No Matter What You Call It
Don't Let Me Go
What If I Said
Can't Be Friends
Thank God for the Veterans


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