Stories about living and life experiences put to the sounds of Americana Music - a mixture of Country, Blues, Folk and Rock.

Musician & Songwriter

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    Dave started playing drums in the 6th grade for the school band in Mount Vernon, SD. He got his start performing at the age of 13 as the drummer for his Uncle Jim's band called "The Country Hillbillies". The next step was to buy a guitar from his Uncle Tom when he was 14. Tom showed him the 3 chords for "The Green, Green Grass of Home" and played until his fingers hurt. That was the start of where he is today. Dave started writing songs when he learned how to play guitar and has been writing on and off for the last 43 years. Dave has played in a number of bands over the years. He played drums with "The Country Hillbillies", "The Crystals", and "Tom Koch and the Sidekicks". He played rhythm guitar and did lead vocals with "Last Call". A majority of the last 43 years was spent playing rhythm guitar and doing lead vocals with his good friend Rich Joseph and his band "Sky Blue Country".